What You Can Do


We provide competitive prices for your high quality outdoor gear and apparel. Receive cash or store credit for your items.

The Basics
Selling prices are initially determined by Colorado GearLab LLC, with cooperation and input from the consignor. Have reasonable expectations—a good rule of thumb is to set the price at 50% of the current retail price, plus or minus some value depending on the item’s overall condition. It is our goal to accept only high-quality items with a great chance to sell. Clean items sell better. Washing a fleece jacket or sleeping bag will make your item more appealing; wiping mud from the frame of your bicycle will help, too. Bottom line: bring your gear in clean and in working condition.

Consignment Sale Split
As a consignor, you will receive 50% – 70% of the final sale price once your item sells:
$0 – $299.99 You take 50% of the sale, or 60% if used for store credit
$300 – $499.99 You take 60% of the sale
$500+ You take 70% of the sale

Click here to see our consignment agreement.