PERK TriMax Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

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Color = Silver Express

Size = 16oz

Condition = New

  • The PERK is the perfect portable container for hot and cold brew coffee or iced and tea, since a convenient strainer is included. It is designed for one-handed use, with a push button that opens the top, and a lock to keep your drink leak-free. Enjoy “perking” up your day with easy, dribble free drinking. Strainer is not meant for "loose leaf tea"
  • The PERK lid locks when you aren't using it and unlocks for easy access to hot or cold drinks on the go.
  • Use our revolutionary tea, fruit and ice strainer to infuse any drink. Take it a step further and use as an effective ice dam to keep those ice cubes away from your pearly whites.
  • Our signature TriMax® Triple Insulation ensures that whatever drink you put in stays the optimal temperature for hours. 
  • Our included silicone bumper helps protect from falls, so you don't dent the last bottle you'll ever own. As an added bonus, it helps silence the sound when you put it on the table or any surface, even when filled with water.