Reservoir Gravity Kit

Reservoir Gravity Kit

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Unlimited Water For The Ultimate Adventure

Exploring the wilderness is tons of fun until the weight of your biggest water bottle sets in. An essential accessory for any camper or outdoor enthusiast, the Camelbak LifeStraw Reservoir Gravity Kit clicks into place with ease for reliable clean drinking water you can enjoy just about anywhere. Setup is easy and efficient so you can enjoy all the water you need, plus a little more for the trip back home.

To convert the Crux® 2L Reservoir Filtration Kit into a gravity bag, all you need is some water and a little time. The Gravity Kit includes a U-shaped tube that connects the reservoir to the filter in a downward orientation via the easy-to-use Quicklink™ system. A secondary tube extends from the filter body and has an on/off valve allowing for steady flow water delivery. Hang the fully assembled reservoir and allow gravity to provide reliable and clean drinking water.


  • Converts Crux® 2L Reservoir Filtration Kit to hydrating gravity bag
  • Quicklink™ compatible
  • Perfect for camping or bikepacking